FEVE Color Coated Aluminum Coil Sheet

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FEVE fluorocarbon coating is a general name for a series of coatings containing fluorine-containing resin as the main film-forming material. It is a new coating material which has been modified and processed on the basis of fluororesin. Its excellent performance is mainly derived from the C-F bond structure of fluororesin. Fluorine is the most electronegative element. The atomic radius is small, the C-F bond formed is extremely short, the bond energy is large, and the fluorine atoms are closely arranged around the polymer carbon chain. It has a good protective effect. Therefore, FEVE fluorocarbon coating exhibits excellent weather resistance, high temperature resistance, chemical resistance, corrosion resistance, surface self-cleaning performance, outdoor service life of up to 20 years, and has the name of paint king in the industry.
Henan Chalco Aluminum ‘s FEVE Color Coated Aluminum Coil Sheet substrate is made of high-quality aluminum coil and FEVE fluorocarbon coating with superior performance. It adopts high-tech, high-performance roller coating processing technology, combined with international advanced production technology, can effectively control the board,accuracy, flatness, uniform color, smooth and bright. The product has excellent processing performance, strong and durable, acid resistance, alkali resistance, chemical resistance, powder resistance, decay resistance, UV resistance, and friction resistance,etc.
1,The Specifications of FEVE Color Coated Aluminum Coil Sheet:

Coating type FEVE
Alloy 1050,1060,1100,3003,3105,5052,5454,5005,5754,8011,etc
Aluminum Coil Sheet Thickness 0.2 - 3.0mm
Aluminum Coil Sheet Width 20-2630mm
Aluminum Coil Sheet Length According to customer requirements
Coating thickness ≥25 μm
Gloss tolerance ≤5°(Gloss≥70°)
Pencil hardness ≥2H
Bending ≤2T
Adhesion Level 1
Impact resistance 0.2-0.3mm, ≥30kg·cm
>0.3mm, ≥50kg·cm
Water resistant no change within 2 hours
Acid resistance 5% HCL,no change within 24 hours
Alkali resistance 5%NaOH,no change within 24 hours
Butanone resistance ≥200 Times ( 1kg/cm2)
Colors: Red, green, dark green, light blue, etc.
Shelf life 15-20 Years
2, The Features of FEVE Color Coated Aluminum Coil Sheet:

1) FEVE Color Coated Aluminum Coil Sheet has excellent weather resistance and high temperature resistance, and can adapt to the needs of different climates.
2) FEVE Color Coated Aluminum Coil Sheet has good chemical resistance and corrosion resistance.
3) FEVE Color Coated Aluminum Coil Sheet has superior surface self-cleaning properties.
3, The Application of FEVE Color Coated Aluminum Coil Sheet

FEVE Color Coated Aluminum Coil Sheet are mainly used in transportation hubs such as airports, high-speed rail, subways, bus stations, large-scale exhibition halls such as grand theaters, art centers, convention centers, industrial plants, venues etc outdoor building facilities.