3005 color coated aluminum sheet

 News     |      2020-11-04 17:17
The strength of 3005 color coated aluminum sheet  is about 20% higher than that of 3003 aluminum plate, and its corrosion resistance is also better. 3 series aluminum plate can also be called antirust aluminum plate. The production process of 3 series aluminum plate in China is quite skilled. 3 series aluminum plate is mainly composed of manganese, with the content of 1.0-1.5. It is a series with better antirust function and the price is higher than 1000 series. It is a common alloy series.

Advantages of Chalco 3005 color coated aluminum plate
1. 3005 aluminum plate can adapt to humid environment and has excellent corrosion resistance;
2. High strength, 20% higher than 3003 aluminum plate;
3. 3003 deep drawing aluminum sheet has good deep drawing performance, formability and weldability;
4. Chalco aluminum 3005 ultra wide aluminum plate manufacturers, 3005 aluminum plate width can reach 2650 mm.
How much is the price of 3005 color coated aluminum plate?
Chalco is a large-scale direct selling 3005 color coated aluminum sheet manufacturer, with more than 20 years of technical precipitation, mature process, and guaranteed product quality and performance. The products quoted by direct selling manufacturers are all ex factory prices. The price of 3005 aluminum plate is relatively favorable and reasonable. Besides, it provides considerate after-sales service to ensure that the later use is more carefree.
3005 color coated aluminum sheet price = SMM aluminum ingot price + processing fee on the day of delivery
Manufacturer of 3005 color coated aluminum sheet
Chalco is a large-scale aluminum plate, strip and foil manufacturer. It can produce 1-8 series alloy aluminum plate products with an annual production capacity of 1 million tons. It can be customized on demand with a delivery period of 2-25 days. It is sold all over the world.
Technical parameters of 3005 color coated aluminum sheet
Thmper:F,O,H12,H14,H16 H18,H19,H22,H24,H26,H28,H112,H114
Thickness (mm): 0.1-500
Width (mm): 100-2650
Length (mm): 500-16000
Typical products of 3005 color coated aluminum sheet: shutter, curtain wall, etc