3104 pre-coated aluminium strip for can lid

 News     |      2021-02-25 16:17
The pop can originated in the United States and prevailing in the United States, that is, the material of the can cover itself is processed to form a rivet, the coat of a pull ring riveting tight, with the appropriate notch and become a complete can cover. There are two kinds of materials used to make cans: one is aluminum, the other is tin. For environmental reasons, cans tend to be made of aluminum 3104 pre-coated tin can lid

The tank cap is made of 3104 pre-coated aluminium strip with a punch press, and the aluminum sheet is formed by punching plastic deformation to obtain the shape of the tank cap, resulting in optimistic deformation strengthening, so that the stamping parts have the characteristics of light weight, high strength and good rigidity.
Chalco aluminum supply can lid 3104 pre-coated aluminum strip
Henan Chalco production can can cover aluminum plate raw material manufacturers, supply 3104 aluminum pre-coated  aluminium coil , to undertake 3104 aluminum plate 8-5000 tons of aluminum plate orders.
Can with the advantages of pre-coated 3104 aluminum strip
1, aluminum alloy can material has the characteristics of good strength, corrosion resistance, good machinability, high surface finish, very suitable for later processing;
2. Aluminum can has the advantages of light weight, heat resistance, good conductivity, tasteless and non-toxic, good printing effect, etc
Chalco aluminum supply 3104 pre-coated aluminium strip
1, 3104 pre-coated aluminium strip is a deformed aluminum alloy, excellent deep drawing performance, is often used in the tank material;
2, 3104 pre-coated aluminium strip has good processing performance, welding performance and corrosion resistance;
3, 3104 pre-coated aluminium strip density is small, high strength, easy to form, can be recycled;