5182 H42 aluminium coil can lid material

 News     |      2022-06-01 18:06

Henan Chalco produces 5182-H48 aluminum alloy strips for can lids. The chemical components are: Si0.15%, Fe0.30%, Cu0.10%, Mn0.300.40%, Mg4. 304.80%, Cr0.08%, Zn0.25%, Ti0.010.03%, and the balance is Al. The production method of the 5182 H42 aluminium coil can lid material , the process steps include: ① ingot casting; ② ingot milling; ③ ingot heating; ④ ingot hot rolling; ⑤ cold rolling and billeting; ⑥ finished product Cold rolling, stretch-bending, straightening, cleaning, coating, slitting, and packaging are finished.

Through the research on the production process of 5182 H42 aluminium coil can lid material, combined with the characteristics of domestic equipment, the 5182 alloy can lid was successfully produced.Width 900-1600mm ,Thickness 0.2-1.6mm,The maximum coil weight is 10 tons,The annual output is 15,000 tons