5182 5052 varnished aluminum strip for EOE cap

 News     |      2020-02-12 15:26
Henan Chalco food packaging panel is mainly 5182 5052 varnished aluminum strip, which is widely used in cans packaging of beverages, beer, Babao porridge, tea, cigarettes and other products. The pre coated aluminum coil which is easy to be produced by lid manufacturers is manufactured by electrostatic spraying of white wax imported from the United States, using large-scale wave shear, cross shear and longitudinal cutting. According to different lid making equipment, different coil weights and specifications can be made to meet the needs of customers.
5052 varnished aluminum strip

Aluminum base material of tank cover and pull ring is aluminum magnesium alloy 5182h19 and 5052H19. Manganese and magnesium are added to the common substrate of the product to increase the tensile strength and elongation. It adopts German Henkel cleaning agent and food grade chromizing agent, American PPG epoxy phenolic packaging coating and high-grade DOS oil. All products are tested by professional instruments and passed the FDA certification.
Specification of 5182 5052 varnished aluminum strip :
Base plate size: thickness 0.2-1.5mm, width 600-1850mm
Film thickness: single coating 4-20 μ m, double coating 25-28 μ m, 3 coating 35-38 μ M
Color: refer to the sample provided by our company, or make any color according to the customer's requirements