A1050 H24 epoxy coated aluminum Sheet

 News     |      2022-06-29 17:56
A1050 H24 epoxy coated aluminum Sheet with excellent product properties. , Some types of epoxy primers have excellent adhesion standards. As long as the adhesion is sufficiently guaranteed, the construction of subsequent coatings will be much easier.
The topcoat is selected according to the use environment, mainly in the indoor environment and the outdoor environment. Polyurethane topcoat and epoxy topcoat are often used indoors. Because of the relatively poor weather resistance of such topcoats, they are more suitable for areas that cannot be irradiated by ultraviolet rays. ;Fluorocarbon paint and acrylic polyurethane topcoat are often used outdoors, especially in areas with strong ultraviolet rays, and a coating with high weather resistance should be used.
A1050 H24 epoxy coated aluminum Sheet has excellent adhesion and chemical resistance, good alkali resistance and hard coating;

A1050 H24 epoxy coated aluminum Sheet
Specifications: 0.12mm ~2.5mm
Size: 10mm~2630mmXCoil.
.Film thickness: 5mic 8mic According to customer requirements, it can be coated with various coatings on both sides.