Aluminum mesh panel

 News     |      2019-11-25 16:18
Aluminum mesh panel for decoration is often used for outdoor curtain wall, indoor partition, indoor ceiling, etc. French architect Dominic Perot first introduced this material into the field of architectural finishes. The French National Library, which was designed and built in 1989-1995, and the German Olympic bicycle hall and swimming pool, which were designed and built in 1992-1999, pioneered the application of large-area wire mesh. Later, the German Sony Center designed by Helmert young also tried to use this material in the field of architectural finishes Exterior wall finishes. This special material texture forms a hazy perspective of asynchronous glass, and the metal reflects the luster effect.

The aluminum mesh panel for decoration is formed by stamping and stretching the aluminum plate, and the surface has the decoration effect of mesh. Due to the diversity of mesh, different styles of eyelet also show different effects. The building decoration net has the characteristics of incombustibility, high strength, firmness, easy maintenance, strong function, vivid and strong decoration effect, and can beautify, decorate and protect the building structure.
The width of the aluminum mesh panel produced by Henan Chalco is usually 1000mm, 1200mm, 1500mm and other conventional sized expanded aluminum plates, which can also be reasonably sized according to the design requirements, and there are multiple grid shapes and size mesh options according to the customer's requirements.

In general, the mesh openings of the aluminum mesh panel used for the suspended ceiling produced by Henan Chinalco are small, but the opening rate is large, which will meet the requirements of 60% - 70% of the fire fighting. We suggest that the mesh mesh should be more than 10 × 20mm, 12 × 25mm, 15 × 30mm, 20 × 40mm, 23 × 55mm, 30 × 60mm diamond mesh diagonal length, and 10 × 12mm, 15 × 50mm equal length hexagonal mesh. Generally, the thickness of the plate can be 1.2mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm, and the recommended width of the wire stem is 2-5mm