Anti static color coated aluminum plate

 News     |      2022-03-29 18:17
Henan China Aluminum independently developed the Anti static color coated aluminum plate with international advanced level. The product quality has been tested by the National Building Materials Testing Center, and all performance indicators meet the requirements of GB/T22412-2008 and GB/T1410-2006 standards. , and its performance indicators have reached the advanced level of similar products in the world.
The Anti static color coated aluminum plate is a conductive material added to the insulating polymer coating of the color-coated aluminum plate, so that the original insulating coating becomes a semiconductor, and the installation of the grounding wire of the construction project can make the surface of the color-coated plate due to air convection and air convection. The static electricity generated by the friction of the clothes can be introduced into the ground and disappear.

Anti-static color-coated aluminum plate is mainly used in the decoration of semi-conductor, food processing industry, pharmaceutical industry, hospital and other places with high requirements such as anti-static, high cleanliness, dust-free and aseptic. It has good economic and social benefits. Market prospects.
The main technical indicators of the Anti static color coated aluminum plate
 Test items Qualified product standard indicators Test results 107Ω 3# 1.91×107Ω Coating Thickness Polyester ≥18µm Average 30µm Coating Pencil Hardness ≥HB2H Coating Flexibility ≥2T2T Coating Adhesion No. Grade Shock Resistance No paint stripping No paint stripping Salt spray resistance 1000h Grade 2 or above Grade 0 2. Prospects and measures for promotion and application Static electricity is generated everywhere in daily life. The hazard of static electricity is mainly to absorb dust and bacteria, reduce the surface and performance of the product, and the electrostatic discharge caused by it will cause combustion and explosion. Due to their own electrical conductivity, conductors and semiconductors can transfer charges on the surface and inside the material, and will not generate static electricity accumulation on the surface, while polyester and fluorocarbon on the surface of color-coated products are high-molecular polymers, which are insulating materials. The upper charge is difficult to remove. Anti static color coated aluminum plate are mainly used in the decoration of electronic semiconductors, food processing industries, pharmaceutical industries, hospitals and other places that require high requirements for anti-static, high cleanliness, dust-free, and sterility.