Classification of color coated aluminum coils

 News     |      2019-09-12 09:44
Color coated aluminum coils are not unfamiliar to everyone. This kind of material is very common in our daily life, and the scope of application is very wide. The reason why it can be so wide is because there are many kinds of products. Let me introduce you to the following. Classification of color coated aluminum coils:
1. The common ones in our life are polyester coated aluminum coils and fluorocarbon coated aluminum coils, both of which have unique processes and characteristics for the production of aluminum coil materials.
2, fluorocarbon coated aluminum coil
a The similar fluorocarbon coated aluminum coil has better performance, and the molecular structure inside the fluorocarbon material has been reorganized, which gives more use of the color coated aluminum coil.
b fluorocarbon coatings have excellent wear resistance, allowing materials to be used freely in harsh environments. After the high temperature process, the fluorocarbon material can maintain its original performance under thermal conditions.
c The dense material structure inside the coating allows the aluminum coil material to prevent ultraviolet radiation.
3, polyester coated aluminum coil

a The material is mainly formed on the surface of the material by the adhesion of the coating, and the aluminum coil is coated with a protective property similar to the protective film.
b The application brings a lot of use characteristics to the material, and the material can be defined as matt and highlight in the process of production.
c coating makes the material have a good color and more authentic, the coating can be better integrated with the surface of the material, so the surface of the aluminum roll has a good smoothness and gloss, giving a feeling of letting The use of materials is more advantageous.
Different types of color coated aluminum coils have different applications and different properties. Therefore, we must choose according to our actual situation when we choose. The important point is that we can't confuse its classification and apply it to the error. The place.