Coated PTFE Aluminium coil sheet

 News     |      2021-03-24 17:11
Coated PTFE Aluminium coil sheet  is widely used in various industries. Coated PTFE aluminum coil sheet has unique excellent heat resistance (180-260 ℃), low temperature resistance (- 200 ℃) and dielectric properties. It has the highest working temperature (260 ℃) and the best chemical stability. In addition to molten alkali metal, high temperature and difluoride atmosphere, no other chemical substances can corrode it. It also has excellent weather resistance and can be used outdoors for 10 to 30 years. It has low friction coefficient and good lubricity, especially self lubricity. In addition, it hardly adheres to other substances.
The production requirements of Coated PTFE Aluminium coil sheet are as follows:
1. For those with smooth and non stick layers, such as mobile phone inspection fixture, glass cleaning fixture, camera parts, tape processing device, carburetor, various mechanical parts of textile roller, etc.
2. The parts that are required to be wear-resistant and non stick, such as mechanical parts, escalator side plate, rubber ring, piston ring, door switch parts, air compressor rotor, slide rail, garden scissors, air conditioning piston, gear, etc.
3. For those that require non stickiness, such as laminating roller, metal screen, filter, heater, vacuum cleaner, scraper, hairdressing tools, fan impeller, scissors, hanger, mixer, coating machinery, shoe mold and various mold demoulding, etc.
4. It is required to prevent non stick, chemical corrosion and salt water corrosion, such as various bolts, electroplating tanks and hangers, water valves, aging of various rubber parts, chemical containers, anti-corrosion cans, etc.