Color coated aluminium roll introduction

 News     |      2019-10-09 17:14
Color coated aluminium roll is a kind of surface coating coloring treatment for aluminium sheet or (aluminium roll). Commonly used are fluorocarbon color coated aluminium (color coated aluminium roll) and polyester color coated aluminium (color coated aluminium roll). It is widely used in aluminium plastic sheet, aluminium veneer, aluminium honeycomb board, aluminium ceiling, roof surface, corner material, easy-to-pull cans and electronic products. Its performance is very stable, not easy to be corroded, the surface after special treatment can reach 30 years of quality assurance, the weight per unit volume of metal materials is lighter, color coated aluminum, is a very popular new material.
Color coated aluminium roll product characteristics
There is no composite high temperature indentation on the smooth surface. There is no residual stress on the plate surface and it will not deform after shearing.
Color coated aluminium roll is environmentally friendly and resistant to salt-alkali acid rain corrosion. It will not corrode itself and produce toxic bacteria. It will not release any toxic gases. It will not cause corrosion of keel and fixtures and flame retardancy. Not less than B1 according to state regulations
Good aluminium, plastics and adhesives are selected for mechanical properties, and composite technology is adopted. The products have the flexural and flexural strength required for decorative panels. Under the four seasons climate, the changes of wind pressure, temperature, humidity and other factors will not cause bending, deformation, expansion and so on.
Decorative coated with wood grain and stone grain has a realistic physical texture and a vivid natural aesthetic feeling. Patterns can be made at will, which can enrich the humanistic connotation of products and give people more enjoyment of beauty.
Weatherproof coating, high temperature baking paint pattern, high gloss retention, good color stability, little change in color difference. Polyester paint quality guarantee for 10 years, fluorocarbon paint quality guarantee for more than 20 years.
3. Color coated aluminium roll applications
Colour-coated aluminium rolls have a rich range of colors. Whether it is residential buildings, large commercial outlets or large convention and Exhibition centers, colour-coated aluminium rolls can enhance its color. Good plasticity and machinability make it an ideal material for various architectural forms.
Products are widely used: airport high-speed railway station and large transport hub, stadiums, exhibitions, shopping malls, large-scale building areas, solar reflectors, air conditioning ducts, etc.
The color coated aluminium roll is customized to meet the diversified needs of customers according to its use environment, design life, structure forming and customer needs. Products include PVDF fluorocarbon color plate, HDP high weather resistant color plate, SMP silicon modified polyester color plate, PE ordinary polyester color plate, anti-static color plate, anti-bacterial color plate, heat insulation color plate, self-cleaning color plate and more than ten series and varieties.