Color coated aluminum honeycomb panel sheet

 News     |      2020-08-25 18:02
The color coated aluminum sheet produced by Henan chalco aluminum are mainly polyester coating and fluorocarbon coating. At present, the thickness of color-coated aluminum sheet is between 0.3-2.5mm. At present, the mainstream colors are white, red, blue, silver gray, etc. Customers can choose different colors through the Raul color card according to their own needs, and our company’s 0.5mm Color-coated aluminum coils cover single-coating, double-coating and back-coating. Please consult the staff for specific standards.

In terms of material selection, our company's 0.5mm color coated aluminum coil base materials include 1060 pure aluminum, 3003 aluminum-manganese alloy, 3004 aluminum-manganese-magnesium alloy and 5052 color coated aluminum honeycomb panel sheet. Among them, 1060 pure aluminum and 3003 alloy color coated aluminum coils are purchased in large quantities and are often used. One of the areas where the purchase volume is large is to press tiles. Due to the good cost performance of aluminum, color steel tiles are gradually being replaced by color aluminum tiles in the market. This requires a large number of color coated aluminum coils, so this product is also Keep selling.
The inner and outer layers of the aluminum alloy honeycomb panel are aluminum alloy thin sheet, and the middle interlayer is a regular hexagonal aluminum foil honeycomb core. The honeycomb core is bonded and compounded with the aluminum alloy surface layer board with structural glue. Henan chalco color coated aluminum honeycomb panel sheetl, the surface can be coated with polyester or fluorocarbon coating according to the color required by the customer, and the back is epoxy, which is the first material for manufacturing aluminum honeycomb.