Color coated brush aluminum coil sheet

 News     |      2020-02-03 17:49
In the drawing process of aluminum plate, after special film treatment technology, a kind of film layer containing the metal component can be formed on the surface of aluminum plate, which can clearly show every trace of fine microfilament, so as to make the color coated brush aluminum coil sheet exude the fine hair luster, so as to play the role of beauty and anti-corrosion, and make the product have the elements of fashion and technology.

Color coated brush aluminum coil

Henan Chinalco adopts advanced color coating technology to produce color coated brush aluminum coil sheet, 3-coating and 3-baking, with good surface color, durability, obvious drawing effect and high-grade atmosphere.
Color coated brush aluminum coil sheet is widely used in drawing aluminum-plastic board, fireproof board, aluminum picture frame, fine cabinet, fine doors and windows, pasting panel, sign, lighting, indoor and outdoor decoration, household appliances, luggage, gift, furniture, electronic consumer goods and other fields.
Characteristics and advantages
1. Clear lines
2. Beautiful and generous, with fashion and technology elements
3. Excellent weather resistance, no deformation, lasting and bright as new
4. Strong decoration, convenient installation and wide application