Coloured aluminium sheet

 News     |      2020-09-08 17:03
The aluminum-plastic composite panel is a composite material processed on a special aluminum-plastic panel production equipment with a chemically treated coloured aluminium sheet as the surface material, polyethylene plastic or high mineral as the core material. The unique properties of the aluminum-plastic composite panel itself determine its wide range of uses: it can be used for building exterior walls, curtain wall panels, renovation and renovation of old buildings, interior wall and ceiling decoration, advertising signs, display stands, purification and dust prevention Engineering belongs to a new type of building decoration material.

Coloured aluminium sheet
Coloured aluminium sheet for ACP size
Thickness 0.1~0.5mm
Width 1220mm, 1500mmc.
Length 1000mm, 2440mm, 3000mm, 4000mm, 6000mm
The coloured aluminium sheet of 1220*2440mm is called the standard board in the industry. Therefore, as of classification, there is no unified classification method, and it is usually classified according to use, product function and surface decoration effect.
Coloured aluminium sheet for ACP type:
a. coloured aluminium sheet—coating various decorative coatings on the surface of the aluminum sheet. Fluorocarbon, polyester, and acrylic coatings are commonly used, mainly including metallic, plain, pearlescent, and fluorescent colors, which are decorative.
b. Anodized coloured aluminium sheet——The aluminum alloy panel is processed in time by anodizing and has unique colors such as rose red and bronze, which play a special decorative effect.
c. Brushed coloured aluminium sheet——Aluminum alloy panel with brushed surface treatment. Commonly used are gold brushed and silver brushed products, which bring different visual enjoyment to people.
d. Mirror coloured aluminium sheet——The surface of the aluminum alloy panel is polished to look like a mirror.