Diamond coated pre painted aluminum coil

 News     |      2019-12-23 17:33
We produce diamond coated pre painted aluminum coil using advanced equipment and technology. Continuous roll coating can avoid color differences. Drying the indoor PE polyester coating at 240 degrees Celsius can create a dense, high-performance protective layer on the aluminum surface to prevent corrosion and contamination. The thickness of the polyester layer was 16 ± 1 μm.

About polyester (PE) coating:
The polymer is a monomer, and it is an anti-ultraviolet coating by adding alkyd resin. Can be divided into matte or glossy according to your needs. The dense molecular structure makes the surface of the dots shiny and smooth, thereby ensuring good printing. It is a substrate specially used for internal aluminum decoration and logo. The shelf life is 5 years.

Specifications of diamond coated pre painted aluminum coil:
1) Aluminum alloy: AA1050, AA3003, AA3004, AA3005, AA3105, AA5005, AA5182, AA5454, AA8011
2) Status: O / H42 / H46 / H48
3) Aluminum substrate thickness: from 0.02mm to 3.0mm
4) PE pre-coated aluminum coil width: 10mm 1800mm
5) Coating: Polyester (PE), not less than 16 microns
6) Available colors: metal, marble, wood, anti-static, anti-scratch, etc.
7) Coating hardness (pencil hardness): more than 2HB
8) Impact resistance: no cracking or peeling
9) Flexibility (T): 2T
10) Solvent: more than 100 times
11) Further processing: embossing, cutting, aluminum strip slitting, etc.
12) Boiling point: no change in color (in 99 ± 1 degree of water, then cool for 2 hours)
Corrosiveness: Deep in the surface with 5% hydrochloric acid and 5% sodium chloride, deep inside 2% hydrochloric acid and 2% sodium chloride solution, no change after 48 hours.

Three coating options:
1.Self-cleaning nano coating
Using nanotechnology, our nano PVDF coating can self-clean and use sunlight and rain, reducing maintenance and cleaning costs by at least 50%.

2.Durable coating
Our high-performance coatings are based on polymer resins and are resistant to UV, moisture and abrasion. With such a coating, we can guarantee it for up to 20 years.
3.Gloss coating
We have 3 gloss level coatings to choose from: high gloss, satin and dark side.

Application of diamond coated pre painted aluminum coil:

Diamond coated pre painted aluminum coil is widely used in the production of aluminum ceilings, aluminum tiles, aluminum composite panels, aluminum honeycomb panels, aluminum insulation panels, aluminum alloy curtain foam insulation panels, water grooves and downspouts, etc.

Diamond coated pre painted aluminum coill is also suitable for interior decoration and advertising boards.