Diffuse reflectance white aluminum sheet

 News     |      2020-10-21 17:39
LED lighting industry with its energy saving, environmental protection and other advantages, especially the energy-saving effect of LED lighting has been widely used in life. However, LED lighting generally uses high-power chips. At the same time, because LED is a point light source, a point is luminous, and the strong beam is reflected on each point of the reflective surface. It is naturally quite stimulating to the naked eye and easy to make people For the reflective panel of LED lamps, aluminum plate is a common material. In order to solve the glare phenomenon, Henan Chalco aluminium produces color coated white aluminum sheet with diffuse reflectance of more than 90%, which is applied to various lighting lamps and other reflectors to eliminate glare and improve light efficiency.

The surface of aluminum sheet is coated with diffuse reflective materials like diffuse reflectance white aluminum sheet , such as high reflectivity polymer materials such as pet . However, they are difficult to process due to their high glass transition temperature and melting point. Therefore, diffuse reflective coating is generally used to form reflective coating on the surface to improve the diffuse reflection performance, and the glare reduction of point light source is limited. However, the existing coatings are directly coated on the surface of aluminum plate, and the diffuse reflectance is relatively low. Moreover, the overall adhesion of the coating layer directly on the aluminum plate surface is not good, and it is easy to fall off
Diffuse reflectance white aluminum sheet in imaging applications, the gray target board you choose must be suitable for a variety of lighting environments and still maintain its appearance. Most importantly, it must have a uniform spectral response. It must also have thermal and physical durability, UV stability, thermal stability, no gloss, no polarization and no fluorescence.