FEVE painting aluminum coil sheet for architectural decorati

 News     |      2022-08-10 18:32
Henan CHALCO's main products are aluminum plate, aluminum strip, aluminum coil, aluminum strip, painting aluminum coil sheet, color aluminum coil, color aluminum strip, , checkered plate, roll-coated plate, aluminum ceiling, thickness of 0.15-1mm, width of 1000 -1350mm** special price, welcome to cooperate. Color: various colors, various RAL colors, metallic colors, flashing silver, stripes, discoloration series, wood grain, stone grain and other unique colors, brushed, wear-resistant, scratch-resistant and other series. Various colors and patterns are produced by roller coating, polyester color can be used for 10 years, FEVE painting aluminum coil sheet fluorocarbon can be used for 20 years.

Among them, FEVE Color coated aluminum coil sheet is a high-quality coating with polyurethane as the primer and medium and high temperature baking fluororesin as the topcoat. It has good weather resistance and can reach 10-15 years. Compared with PVDf fluorocarbon coatings, FEVE mainly Experience the unique characteristics of bright colors and high lightness. Creativity and uniqueness unmatched by other paint systems. It is especially suitable for some commercial chain systems for color effects, as well as decorative displays in automobile 4S stores, gas stations, etc. The outdoor warranty is 15 years.
FEVE painting aluminum coil sheet Product parameters
Alloy: AA1100, AA3003, AA 3105, AA5052,...
Coil thickness 0.018mm-0.5mm
Coil width up to 2000mm mm
Coating thickness 14-28 microns (PE: ≥ 14 microns, pvdf: ≥ 25 microns)
ID 150mm, 405mm, 505mm
Weight coil 1.0 to 3.0 tons per coil
Coatings PE, PVDF, Double PE, HDPE, FEVE
Color Gold series, Metal series, White series, Gold (accept color series)