PVDF color coated aluminum coil and FEVE color coated alumin

 News     |      2019-10-29 17:49
At present, PVDF is widely used in domestic aluminum veneer and color coated aluminum coil, that is, PVDF color coated aluminum coil. It is a homo polymer with 59.3% theoretical fluorine content, good weather resistance, good chemical corrosion resistance and excellent flexibility. However, there are some limitations: due to the high crystallinity of PVDF color coated aluminum coil, no active functional group, and poor adhesion with the substrate, it is impossible to achieve single coating. In general, 30% acrylic resin is added to the coating to improve its adhesion and coating ability, so its weatherability is reduced. Because PVDF resin is insoluble in common solvent, PVDF fluorocarbon coating must be baked at 230-250 ℃ for 20 minutes before melting into film. From the perspective of the decorative effect of PVDF coating color coated aluminum coil, its luster is matte and matte, which has poor dispersion and encapsulation to the pigment. The pigment used must be super weather resistant inorganic pigment, and the coating color is limited, so the decorative effect is poor. Repair can not be realized by recoating, and the application scope is limited.

At present, thermosetting fluorocarbon resin FEVE color coated aluminum coil mainly include trifluorofluorocarbon resin and polytetrafluorocarbon resin coating. Henan China Aluminum adopts tetrafluorofluorocarbon resin as the main film-forming material, and its fluorine content is higher than that of trifluorofluorocarbon resin. Generally, its durability (weather resistance and corrosion resistance) will be improved after the fluorine content is increased. The FEVE color coated aluminum coil has better adhesion, hardness, flexibility, luster and rich color types, while it has the weather resistance and chemical resistance no less than the traditional PVDF coated aluminum sheet roll. And it has a lower baking temperature and a variety of construction technology, so it has a broader application prospect.