Glossy brown coated aluminum coil

 News     |      2021-06-23 18:18
Glossy brown coated aluminum coil uses aluminum coil as the main material and coating as the auxiliary material. It goes through the single drying and single coating roll coating aluminum coil production line, unwinding, degreasing and decontamination pretreatment, roll coating, drying, inspection, winding and packaging. There are also double drying and double coating, three drying and three coating processes.

Glossy brown coated aluminum coil
1060, 1100, 3105,3005,3003, 3004 and 5052.
The common varieties of glossy brown coated aluminum coil coatings are: polyester coating, double coating polyester coating, double coating fluorocarbon coating and food grade safety coating.
Application of glossy sparking color coated aluminum coil: architectural decoration, vehicle and ship decoration, metal clad plate, packaging, vehicle and ship aircraft accessories, pipeline and other industries. Due to different types of aluminum coil, different performance, high plasticity, wide range of uses, can replace a variety of metal applications.