Maintenance method of rustproof alloy aluminum coil

 News     |      2019-09-12 18:29
The anti-rust alloy aluminum coil is formed by rolling and bending the casting mill. If the proper maintenance is not taken, the service life and quality of the color coated aluminum coil will be quickly damaged, so that it cannot be used for a long time. Let me introduce the maintenance method of aluminum coil:

1. It is strictly forbidden to store together with chemical materials and moist materials. After processing into a door or window, the anti-rust alloy aluminum coil is regularly cleaned with a clean cloth and neutral.
2. During the transportation process, the aluminum coil needs to be covered with cloth to prevent the intrusion of rain and snow. It is necessary to ensure that the oxide film and paint film on the surface of the profile are not damaged and qualified cement and sand are used.
3. The storage environment should be dry, bright, well ventilated, and free from corrosive weather. When storing, the bottom of the tank should be separated from the ground by a mat to keep it at a distance of more than 10 cm from the ground.
Some people have reported that their rust-proof alloy aluminum coils have a short service life and are not effective. After a check, there is a lack of maintenance. We must know that any item in the world will be difficult to use if it is lack of maintenance. Everyone needs regular maintenance.