White coated aluminum sheets

 News     |      2020-01-06 15:56
White coated aluminum sheets are a polyester coating formed on the surface of aluminum plate after several times of baking, which can form a continuous solid film with strong adhesion and has the characteristics of protection and decoration. It is a UV resistant coating. Polyester resin is a polymer with ester bond in the main chain as monomer, adding alkyd resin, and UV absorber can be divided into Matt and specular series according to the glossiness. White coated aluminum sheets have good glossiness and smoothness, superior texture and hand feel, and can also increase the sense of hierarchy and three-dimensional. It can protect the objects exposed to the atmosphere and attacked by ultraviolet radiation, wind, rain, frost and snow; due to the effects of temperature difference, freeze-thaw cycle, corrosive gas and microorganism, the coating can play a protective role. Especially suitable for interior decoration and advertising board.
Material: A1100, a3003, a3004, a3105,
Coating: fluorocarbon, polyester
Aluminum plate thickness: 0.25mm-4.00mm
Processing width of white coated aluminum sheets: 20mm-1500mm; processing width of white color coated aluminum plate: 800-1750mm
Core diameter: 150mm, 405mm, 505mm, 508mm, 510mm
Coating thickness: PVDF > = 25micron polyester > = 18micron
Gloss: 10-90%; coating hardness: more than 2H; adhesion: no less than level 1
Impact resistance: 50kg / cm, no paint peeling, no crack, polyester color for 20 years, fluorocarbon for 30 years, no discoloration, no paint peeling.

White coated aluminum sheets: it is especially suitable for the decoration and display of indoor and outdoor decoration, commercial chain, exhibition advertisement, etc. in public places.