White paint-coat plain aluminum sheet roll

 News     |      2022-05-11 18:29

Common alloys: 1060 / 1100 / 3003 / 3004 / 3105/5052, etc,
Thickness: 0.2-2.0mm
Common panel width: 1240mm / 1250mm / 1520mm / 1600mm / 1800mm / 2600mm, according to customer requirements;

The surface of white paint coat plain aluminum roll sheet is flat without composite high-temperature indentation. There is no residual stress on the plate surface and no deformation after shearing. Light weight, high strength, fast and convenient installation and construction. Select high-quality aluminum, plastic and adhesive, and adopt advanced composite technology. The product has the bending and bending strength required by the decorative board. Under the climate of four seasons, the changes of wind pressure, temperature, humidity and other factors will not cause bending, deformation and expansion.

White paint-coat plain aluminum roll sheet has good weather resistance. The paint pattern formed by coating and baking at high temperature has high gloss retention, good color stability and many colors. It can meet various color requirements of modern buildings with minimal color difference. The warranty of polyester paint is 10 years, and that of fluorocarbon paint is more than 20 years. White paint coat plain aluminum roll sheet for transport trucks Container inner top plate, refrigerated van plate, RV inner and outer box plate