coating polished aluminum coil

 News     |      2021-01-20 17:47
Coating polished aluminum coil according to the different requirements of customers, we purchase the corresponding alloy and the corresponding temper of the aluminum coil. Coating polished aluminum coil : 1060 H18 /1100 H18/3003H24
Coating polished aluminum coil is a polished aluminum coil that has been processed by cleaning, chromizing, roller coating, and baking. The surface of the aluminum coil is coated with various colors of paint, that is, color-coated aluminum coil.

Coating polished aluminum is widely used in insulation panels, aluminum curtain walls, aluminum-magnesium-manganese roof systems, aluminum ceilings and many other fields because of its light texture, bright colors, easy processing and molding, and no rust. Aluminum-plastic panels, aluminum-magnesium-manganese metal roofing, interior wall decoration, exterior wall decoration, steel structure enclosure, downpipe, aluminum ceiling, aluminum veneer, thermal insulation pipe, packaging, electronics and other industries.