hollow aluminum sheet metal art

 News     |      2019-11-18 17:36
Henan Chalco produces all kinds of hollow aluminum sheet metal art, which can make the plane plates extend the sense of space continuously and have the function of light transmission and air permeability. Different patterns and sizes of holes change with the roof to produce dynamic, combined with different external environment for different treatment, making the line more bright and elegant. Breaking through the traditional modeling concept, it is more suitable for all kinds of modern exhibition centers, cultural venues, art venues, museums, offices and other occasions, opening up an endless thinking space for the dynamic fashion group, which is a practical and beautiful new decoration form.
hollow aluminum sheet metal arthollow aluminum sheet metal art

The size considered in the overall splicing of the hollow aluminum sheet metal art is more accurate, and the plastic board highlights the shape, color and rendering. It can give the design more space for the spiritual space. Many wonderful architectural and artistic expressions are reflected in the form of the hollow aluminum sheet metal art. With the development of the times, we believe that in the future, architectural design will give more technical and processing challenges to building materials products, and we will think more and do more in the processing and production of hollow aluminum sheet metal art.