painted aluminum sheet metal suppliers

 News     |      2019-12-30 17:16
Henan Chalco specializes in the production of painted aluminum sheet, as a professional supplier of painted aluminum sheet metal suppliers. It uses aluminum manganese magnesium alloy aluminum in alloy state of 3004 / 3105 / 3003 as the base material, which has been deastered, cleaned and passivated. On this basis, it is coated with international kanar500 and hylar5000 series fluorocarbon (PVDF) resin, with long-lasting weather resistance. After cutting, pressing, punching, bending and other subsequent processing molding. It can be used for the whole roof and wall decorative building board with large span and large area; it can also be used for the indoor roof decorative board by cutting into small boards, bending, stamping die processing, etc.; it can also be used for the energy-saving exterior wall building decorative board by bonding with foaming polyurethane and honeycomb aluminum.
Product structure:
painted aluminum sheet

Type of painted aluminum sheet

painted aluminum sheet metal
Product advantage
It has been tested by natural light exposure in Florida, USA, and its weatherability has been guaranteed for more than 20 years.
Based on the advantages of raw materials, the products have the characteristics of high strength and corrosion resistance.
We can choose different colors according to customer's requirements. We can integrate monochrome and achieve colorful effect.
It is easy to process and shape, and the processing span and area of cutting, pressing, punching and bending can be large or small.
Product application
As a professional painted aluminum sheet metal suppliers, our products are widely used in large-scale steel structure workshop, exhibition hall, stadium, airport, railway station roof enclosure system and ceiling decoration plate. Aluminum manganese magnesium alloy color coated aluminum plates of different thicknesses can be selected, which are cut, pressed, punched, bent and other follow-up processing and formed, and can be used for the overall roof and wall decoration building plate with large span and large area; can also be used for the indoor roof decoration plate by cutting into small plates, bending, stamping mold processing and other methods; can also be bonded with foaming polyurethane and honeycomb aluminum Composite used for energy-saving exterior wall building decoration board.