prepainted coated aluminum roofing coil sheet

 News     |      2020-02-24 17:16
The basic material of metal roof panel is (aluminum, manganese, magnesium) alloy, brand 3004 (AI Mn mg). Because the aluminum metal roof panel is 0.7 ~ 1.2mm thick, the structural strength is moderate, and it is easy to weld and bend. In addition to standard connection technology, vent hole, inlet and outlet can be welded on site. At the same time, the integrity of the materials can be guaranteed under different wind pressure conditions. The standard conforms to gb3880-97 or astm3004, so it is widely used in the maintenance system of buildings.
Based on the advanced roll coating technology, the production of prepainted coated aluminum roofing coil sheet can stand the test of a long time, and the close guarantee can eliminate the influence of weather for many centuries. The design of prepainted coated aluminum roofing coil sheet in special buildings such as low slope, flat roof, arc, arch and hyperbolic roof shows its advantages.
Prepainted coated aluminum roofing coil sheet made by Chalco Aluminum, PPG Hangzhou company's paint, after fluorocarbon roller coating processing, widely used in aircraft terminals, railway stations and many other landmark buildings across the country. Because of its excellent quality in the industry is widely praised.
Typical alloy states are: a3004h24, a3004h26, a3003h24;
Typical thickness range: 0.6mm, 0.7mm, 0.8mm, 0.9mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm;
Width: it can be cut to any width between 55mm and 1600mm as required by customers;
Color: common silver grey, bright silver, champagne silver, steel will be thousands of colors.
Self cleaning fluorocarbon aluminum coil is a new product of our company, which is coated by imported self-cleaning fluorocarbon paint roller. Its appearance is the same as that of the common fluorocarbon aluminum coil, but its surface characteristics are quite different from that of the common paint, with high surface energy and wettability. When the fluorocarbon coating is affected by wind, frost, rain, snow and other external factors, under the appropriate conditions, the coating interior will release more effective decontamination ingredients slowly, and restore the surface cleaning, so this self-cleaning effect is long-term and effective.
The range of alloy, thickness and width is the same as that of ordinary fluorocarbon aluminum coil; the color can be adjusted according to the customer's sample.
Thermal reflective prepainted coated aluminum roofing coil sheet is the latest product of our company, which is used to manufacture "cold roof system". The heat reflection fluorocarbon aluminum plate is made of imported special fluorocarbon paint roller, with the content of fluorocarbon up to 70%. The paint contains special ceramic components, which can effectively reflect the infrared part of the sunlight, while still retaining the absorption of visible light.
Under the same color, the roof system composed of thermal reflective fluorocarbon color coated aluminum plate can reduce the continuous operation cost of building air conditioning, reduce the demand of energy peak, and reduce the urban heat island effect.