wood grain aluminum plate board panel

 News     |      2019-12-02 16:14
Natural wood grain aluminum plate board panel is one of the most representative energy-saving, fire-proof and low-carbon products in Henan Province. In recent years, it has been widely used in construction at home and abroad, and its production experience and product quality have been greatly improved.

After complex environmental testing and extensive engineering verification, the outstanding performance of wood grain aluminum plate board panel is as follows:
1. The surface wood grain effect and the texture are the same as natural wood, which can save a lot of deforestation, increase forest coverage and protect the environment.
2. The aluminum alloy substrate makes it inherently flame retardant and reaches Class A fire protection level, which is the first choice for high-quality engineering projects and fire protection requirements.
3. The board does not volatilize any material harmful to the human body. It can be put into use immediately after installation. It is a real green material on the market.
4. The warranty period is more than 30 years.
The natural wood grain aluminum plate board panel produced by Henan Chalco includes: natural wood skin composite aluminum panel, film coated composite aluminum panel, wood grain aluminum plate, three-dimensional multi-dimensional wood grain transfer aluminum panel, and roll coated wood grain aluminum panel.